The truth about outlet store designer clothes

An outlet store is a store where a brand directly sells its items. An outlet store belongs only to one brand and a brand might also have few outlet stores within a city so that people can have quick access to them. If you are a shopping freak and have a favourite brand whole outlet store you must have visited these outlet stores all the time too. When a person likes a brand they start trusting it blindly and don’t even bother checking the quality of that product. It’s like a blind trust on that brand then. But there are a lot of things that you might not know about your designer outlet store.

Secret about Designer outlet stores


The thing that you need to know about outlet store is that it doesn’t have the same quality that a brand offers you. Even though on these outlet stores the money they receive for their products in exchange is less but what’s the purpose of that outlet store if we are not going to buy what we were supposed to buy. There are some stores like GAP that sell such clothes but they are also labelled accordingly but not like other designer stores that don t even bother telling you the quality of their product and people think they are buying good stuff on the low price from the outlet stores. Following are some of the other things about outlet stores that you need to know.

Far off places


You know why outlet stores are located far off places? So that when you especially travel to those places that are nearly outside of the town you will the feel compelled to buy at least something so your trip to the outlet store won’t go in the waste. And also states in outskirts of the town are of low market value so all in all these outlet stores are the benefit to them only.

Mislead the customers

Outlet stores mislead the consumers by making them think that they are buying the quality product while in actual they are not. The quality of those products is somehow claimed to be not even close to the original one. It has also been confirmed by few sources that the brands don’t even create those products from brand themselves but they are actually made from other sources or factories. This huge difference in the quality of the products is misleading the customers and this way these outlet stores are keeping the customers in the dark

All the above things prove that these outlet stores are misleading us in many ways. While we think we are taking the time of our day t is it a far off place in order to buy product from the outlet store and when we get there and don’t find something good we still buy a little something so our time and trip won’t go in waste with the hope that the product we are buying at least of good quality at low price from outlet store while actually, it’s same or sometimes worse than what we can buy from an ordinary store in the town.