Are the clothes sold at outlet stores of the same quality?

Outlet stores have always known for their low price products. And due to that, they attract the attention of people more than any other store or shopping malls. The reason is that they buy their goods directly from the company itself in a bulk order. And then they pick up the goods from that bulk and out them on display. As we all know that in bulk there could be many damaged products as well. The reason of their damage could be when they were shipped then on their way they get damaged. Well in shopping malls they have to make a standard, so they just waste all of their damaged products. Then after that, they sell the goods at really high prices to cover up the cost of those damaged goods.

Comparison between Past and Present

In the past Outlet Store was just a place to display everything which is out of season or that was old, and could not be sold out. Then those goods were sold out at the low prices just like they are sold in the sales. Now that concept has totally changed, and now company send out their mixed quality products in bulk at these Outlet Store. Still, there is a misconception among people that all the goods available over there are of same quality as they could find out at a shopping mall. No doubt that there are good quality products as well in the Outlet Store, but you cannot just compare all the goods in just high ratings.

Mixed Quality Products

You must remember that there is mixed quality available in the Outlet Store. SO it just depends on your luck that if you get your hands on the good one or the damaged products. Even now companies admit about the quality difference of their Outlet Store and Stores in the Shopping malls. Obviously, no one would ever admit this directly, but in the interviews or at some public gathering it just slips out about the quality difference. The company usually do it so that the products with faults do not get wasted, and they could earn some profit even with those damaged goods as well.

Misguiding of Customers

The companies always try to misguide their customers to believe that the goods available over here are of the same quality with some amazing offers. And such offers are only available for the Outlet Store customers. In this way, a majority of their product consumers turn their attention towards here. And as a result, you can see a large number of people always purchasing their stuff from these Outlet Stores.

Obviously, no one wants to get their hands on the low-quality products, there could be several reasons that people are still purchasing the stuff from Outlet Store, and some of them are discussed above, but besides this, there is another reason as well. And that is when people wants to save their money, and still, wants to purchase goods of some brand. Then they usually shop over here.